About Us

Our Philosophy

We use the best and freshest ingredients in our Korean cuisine. Our goal is to give our guests a home-made Korean meal. That experience is best given by the Kim family. Come enjoy the unforgettable flavors our food has to offer!


Our Location

In the northern part of Mandarin we sit cozily tucked in the back of the Outback Shopping Center. You’ll find a Native Sun just to the south and a Starbucks a little bit north of our location on San Jose. If you haven’t visited Mandarin, there are several shopping centers spread around the area and if you enjoy a nice stroll through a park and a beautiful view of the river, take a very short drive from us to the heart of Mandarin and you can find the Mandarin Historical Society.

Meet the Kims

Since the opening of Kim’s Korean BBQ, we have been dedicated to serving the best Korean BBQ Jacksonville, FL has to offer. Come in and experience the taste of authentic Korean fare!

Papa Kim

A veteran of the United States and Korean military, Papa Kim keeps the technical and operational aspects of Kim’s Korean BBQ running smoothly.

Mama Kim

Mama Kim is the inspiration behind the flavors that you’ll enjoy at Kim’s Korean BBQ. She also happens to be pretty talented at keeping Papa Kim in line!


Photo Gallery

We collect the best images of our cuisine here! Take great photos of your Korean BBQ at Kim’s for a chance to be featured here in our gallery!